In 1989 Our Nursery school was founded by Franciscan Fathers. Due to a high number of kids, the school had two sessions in the morning and evening. The first teacher of the school was Miss Benedicta. After her transfer Lightness Massawe took over from 1994 and assisted by Veronica Mallya. In 1999 another teacher Ivyone Emmanuel was employed.

From the beginning up to 1999 all the lessons were being taught in KISWAHILI only. By the assistance of the Parish, Fr. Bennoit, Parish committee and Sr. Marie-Jeanne felt that due to modernization of education it was good to introduce new education system of teaching kids in ENGLISH and FRENCH as well. This made the number of kids to increase due to changes in made in teaching system and most parents were happy.

Due to increase of kids in number, the Parish felt that it was good to introduce Nursery as well as Primary school. This was to help those in nursery to continue with primary school. Therefore the parish committee  decided that it would be good to construct a school to assist the kids who were studying at the Parish from Parish Hall and were sitting on the floor. The interest to introduce standard 1 was very high and this could not stop the kids to continue. Standard one begun with those kids who were in nursery and they were learning from clinic at the parish under teacher Lucy Fabian.

In 1999, Fr. Benoit and Parish Committee decided to have a fund raising from Christians. Most Christians raised money to assist for the construction of school and were helped by Assumption Fathers who raised a large amount of funds. In 2000 the building of the school was over and the pupils were sent to new school building from parish buildings. The standard one was given a new room of the nursery school to study , apart from the small room they were using at the parish.

In 2000 Assumption Fathers felt that it was good to introduce primary school. They decided to construct new building for primary school. All the buildings were ready in the end of 2001.The pupils of standard 1 moved to new primary school, in January 2002. Our school was registered in 13th February 2003. Therefore up to now our pupils are learning from clean and conducive environment and have the privilege to praise our Assumption Priests for their good faith. Therefore we feel it is good for us as Christians of Kijenge, parents and guardians to work hand in hand with the priests to complete other school programmes. For the school to improve better and better with time we need computers, school vehicle, Library and many other things.

The school currently has 418 students , from nursery to standard 7, it currently has 12  contracted Teachers.

Our sincere thanks and congratulations goes to Franciscan Fathers who begun our school, assisted by Assumption fathers and all well wishes who have helped our school to be a better place as it is now.